By Living Together, Learning Together and Playing Together, We Will All Achieve
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By Living Together, Learning Together and Playing Together, We Will All Achieve
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Make a money box

What you do: You’ll need a box or can which you can make a slot in at the top for the money to go in. Together, decide how to create a flap through which the money box can be opened. Your child can then choose from paints, collage materials, pastels, etc. to decorate their money box.
They're learning about...
 Collecting, assembling and combining materials.
Can they? Design different slots for different coins/notes? Design a way of sorting the money, or even counting it?


'Cook' granola yoghurt pots

What you do: Choose a recipe to use – there are lots online. Prior to cooking discuss what your child needs to do (tie long hair back, wash hands, put on an apron). Then talk about what you’re going to make, explaining why it's a healthy choice for breakfast or dessert. Look through the recipe together, modelling the reading carefully for your child before you follow each instruction. Afterwards discuss what cooking skills they’ve used (stirring, squishing, breaking, greasing, etc.). Eat, enjoy and discuss what has worked or not in the recipe, or what changes you might make to personalise it for your family.
They're learning about... Food hygiene, cooking skills.
Can they? Think how the granola could be made into a bar form? Would the method they choose affect the healthiness of the product?


Make an egg cosy

What you do: Help your child choose a piece of fabric, then cut out two semi-oval shapes (two different fabrics can work nicely). They’ll need to use an egg to help them measure their fabric shapes, then sew them together, leaving a hole at the bottom where the egg goes.
They're learning about... Measuring, marking out, cutting and shaping a range of materials, and assembling, joining and combining components and materials accurately.
Can they? Add to the aesthetics of the design, or think how to personalise it for a certain audience?


Design a boat

What you do: Select and look at pictures of boats. Search the internet together; look at different designs for various purposes. Encourage your child to look at the materials that are used for building boats, any pulley systems and sails. Ask them to design a boat for a specific purpose (travelling, fishing, exploring), thinking carefully about the materials they would use, the way the boat would travel and how many people would be able to travel in it.
They're learning about... Generating ideas for products after thinking about who will use them and what they will be used for.
Can they? Construct the boat out of wood or other materials. Can they waterproof it? Can they design pulley systems for use on the boat. Can they design a way in which the boat will move by itself?