By Living Together, Learning Together and Playing Together, We Will All Achieve
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By Living Together, Learning Together and Playing Together, We Will All Achieve
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Eco Council

Welcome to our Eco Council Pages! 


We have already been super busy this year! And we have an awful lot planned, so watch this space! 



Switch Off Fortnight! 29th January - 9th February 2018 


Teaching Staff watch out! Our Eco Warriors will be on the lookout for classrooms and areas in the school that are wasting energy! We'll be paying close attention to lights, class boards and electronic items. If you're not using them, turn them off! You'll be saving precious energy and pennies! 




We've been in the Liverpool Echo!


Apple Tree Pie!


Shortly after the Eco Council was voted in, we all got involved with the apple harvest. With Sylvia's (AKA. The Best Cook Ever) help we made  delicious apple pies which were served in the school canteen! Mr Richarsdon declared, "What a delicious treat! And it really highlights the importance of growing your own and reducing food miles!"

Current Campaigns 


We need your help! 


Air & Home Care Recycling 


We now have a collection point outside the office for your air fresheners and home care packaging. Have a look at the picture below and please bring in any waste from home and drop it into our recycling box. The more we collect, the more money we get to either donate to charities or re-invest into school environmental projects. Not only this, but we're saving these items going to landfill sites and recycling them into new products. It's a win-win situation for the environment, the school and charities! 

Writing Instruments Recycling Programme


We are also collecting stationary in school and from our local community. Please bring along any old pens from home. As well as saving these items going to landfill sites, we can recycle them and make money for our school and charities. Have a look at the accepted waste below and bring it along to the office, or send it in with your child (they receive Big Draw Raffle Tickets for each donation!). 



For more information on these wonderful recycling projects, please visit: